Paying others to do your killing- or my answer to Anti-Hunters

This is my blanket response to Anti-Hunters. Note, this is not meant for NON-HUNTERS, that is a different group. If a person chooses not to hunt, that is fine with me. I do not want to force my views on others any more than I want their views forced on me.
Anti-Hunters, on the other hand, seem to think that hunting is cruel and because THEY don’t agree with it then NOBODY should be entitled to enjoy it. They attribute human emotions and actions to animals. This is ridiculously stupid.

In order for a human to eat, something else has to die. Period. I don’t care if you eat meat or are a vegetarian. Farmers who grow food crops pay people like us to KILL ANIMALS which would destroy the crops. They probably kill more animals than recreational hunters by a long shot. The very act of farming kills thousands of small animals, like mice and rabbits by itself. Also, guess what’s in all of the ‘organic’ fertilizers. Any idea? Well it’s certain to be either blood or bone matter. Blood and bone come from animals. No matter what, we are in competition with animals for food on this planet. And the idea which has taken hold that humans are somehow not NATURAL is preposterous. Some people say “we should leave nature alone” or “don’t interfere with nature”. Well do they think we came from outer space? My freaking F150 truck is NATURAL, moron. Everything about it came from this planet! And the way we kill animals is way better than the way they kill each other. They often get wounded and unable to hunt or fight, and the BEST they can hope for is to slowly starve to death. More often they get eaten alive by a predator. That’s NATURE’S way of things. No hunter wants to see animals tortured, hurt, or maimed. Our goal is to kill animals as cleanly as possible. That’s my goal anyway.

So anybody who doesn’t kill to eat is just paying somebody else to do their killing. Pure and simple. And that’s OK, as long as they don’t act holier than thou about it.

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