Hog Control


Hog Control

Controlling hogs  is of major concern to many landowners. Hogs reproduce at roughly 10 months of age, and have litters of usually four to six young, but may be as high as twelve. Studies have shown they usually reproduce once per year, although they are capable of producing two litters per year. The sheer number of hogs in Texas indicates that they have no problems reproducing! They’ll tend to stay in a range usually 5,000 acres or less, with boars having a larger home range area. Boars tend to be solitary, only joining the herd to breed. Hogs prefer brushy areas near food, which can be nut or fruit trees or food crops. They like wetter areas, but can thrive in drought prone environments too. A primary way hogs cause damage is by rooting in the earth for food. We’ve seen entire trees uprooted from their activity.


Feral hogs shot on a ranch in Texas

Many times hog hunting alone may not be enough to control a hog population. We do hunt feral hogs, but we also use live traps to catch them in greater numbers. We usually do an inspection of the environment to determine just what approach to use on a wild hog problem. Call us as well for hog removal, if you have a trap full of hogs we’ll remove them for you.

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